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The Rapture As An Excuse for Laziness


written by Cliff Muncy

So America is falling. Does that mean that God is coming back? There are many today who believe this way. Allow me to correct this faulty logic. We are talking about the creator and sustainer of life itself! The creator of the universe. Everything we know that exists, God made it all. He is Omniscient, omnipotent. God is Holy. He is NOT our little buddy to be carried around in our pocket. He is the One! The Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.

We are allowed communication with this holy Creator only by way of Jesus Christ through His great sacrifice. This Creator God did not JUST create America and this land on which we dwell. God created earth. All of it. He created ALL people. Chinese, Japanese, Germans, English, French, Indian, red and yellow, black and white. They are ALL His creation and they are ALL people. Legs, fingers, toes and all. They ALL have access to God the Father through Jesus Christ His son.

So, knowing these facts, how can any Bible-believing Christian in America think that just because America experiences problems, it is an indication of God's return? Why do they think we hold the key? How are they so certain that America's problems are an indication of the end times? Do they believe that God will not allow America to fail? The rapture is NOT America's own personal rescue plan! God has witnessed the rise and fall of country after country. How are we any different than those who went before us aside from the fact that we're still alive? Do they so firmly believe that because God has blessed America's faithfulness, that He will continue to bless us even when we disobey His laws? Wouldn't the correct term then be "mercy", and not "blessing?"

The truth is, we know not the day, nor the hour of His coming. We should always anticipate his return, but with preparation. We should be fruitful and multiply and go out into the hedges with the ultimate goal of winning more people over to fight on our side - so that they can fight for good, not evil. We do this for His glory. Why do we continually replicate ourselves and do nothing else? So that we can simply know God? So we won't have eternal suffering after death? So that we can continually fellowship with our own "brethren" Sunday after Sunday? If this is our only purpose for witnessing, then we do not truly understand God's plan.

We should take dominion over the earth. We need to put on the WHOLE armor of God, not just the warm and fuzzy pieces. Fight the good fight, remembering that you're not alone. The founders of our country in particular provided us with a way to stand up for good, even if it was our own government who was against us! Its called the Constitution and we need only enforce it. For if time truly is coming to an end, we, the representatives for good here on earth need to be ready for His return.


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