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Help Us! - Available CL Jobs & Ideas


Help us spread the truth out into the web and to the people all over this state! If you have the skills to help with any of the jobs below, I would love to speak with you. If you're interested in helping us restore freedom and liberty, come out to our meetings on Thursday, or contact me or anyone on the Carolina Liberty contact page. Also, if you have any ideas that might help Carolina Liberty spread the truth, please list them here as well!

Social Networking Experts - Showing people all over the web how to stand up for their God-given rights -- what a fun job to have! We are developing our website to include links to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube and we could certainly use some help with this. If you love to text message, take photos, make creative videos, or just blog or chat online, this job's for you!

Videographer / YouTube Expert - We have a YouTube channel. Help us grow it! We also currently have a great introductory sound clip on our home page which would be a great backing track for a new video. Create it!

Marketing & Events Director - Help us spread the word. Help organize our group to go door-to-door or hold events that will attract attention. We can always use help with the management of our group.

Online Store Director - Bumper stickers, magnets, t-shirts, DVD videos and CDs -- all of these things help us to spread the word and help us to inform and educate every North Carolinian about their rights and how to take a stand. This would also be a great way to raise money for future projects. We would love to see a tab on our site for an Online Store! Perhaps we could have a Cafe Press ( store and a few PayPal items to start with. If you are interested in helping with such a project or have ideas, please contact us!

Cooks and Social Gatherers - Cookouts, craft and bake sales are one of the most fun ways to gather a crowd, network and spread the message of liberty. Help us organize one of these! Network Expert - Help us coordinate our efforts with all of the groups represented in the NC Freedom network. We want to make the best use of NC Freedom's awesome networking website and use it to network state wide for maximum impact.

Flyer Passer-Outers - Yep! Help us pass out flyers! It's one of the easiest but most helpful things you can do. Print up your own from our Resources page, or come out on Thursday, and we'll give you a whole bunch! Own a color copier or printer? Perhaps you could help us print a supply of our flyers and bring them with you to the meetings.

Sign Makers - Signs are great for getting the word out. Make a sign for a protest or rally or help us make yard signs. Ask us for ideas.

Resources & Law Library Manager - Since it's inception, Carolina Liberty has accumulated a WEALTH of information about the right to travel, jurisdiction-challenging case law, links to other liberty-minded websites and much much more. Our Resources page is growing and we need someone to help organize that library of information into a navigable, online format. Are you skilled in FTP, basic web design or programming? We need you!

Committees of Safety Helpers - We'll be needing help here in one aspect or another. Come out July 11th and see what you can offer!

Town Council Meeting Helpers - Our goal at Carolina Liberty is to hold our meeting near each of the local town council meetings at least once for every city, town or village in our area and then attend that council meeting in large numbers (dressed in our Sunday best!), and bring up issues which infringe on our liberty. Everyone can take part in this because you simply need to attend at least one meeting, scope it out and report back to us on the requirements, dates and times of that council meeting. We will then schedule this date and attend as a group.

Town Council Truth Tellers - What did you find out at your local town council meeting? Try this: 1) Write down everything you hear at the council meeting -- what they are planning for your town. 2) Comparing these things to the government restrictions found in the Constitution, list the items that are in disagreement. List these things on a flyer (especially the ones that affect people on a personal level - money, taxes, child education, food, health, etc.) along with an explanation on how they affect people. Something like "Here's what they're planning in *your town's name*, and this is how it affects you". 3) Put your name and contact info along with Carolina Liberty (or your own group's name) and pass these flyers out around your neighborhood, local friends and family. 4) When they call (and they will call!), tell them when we'll be showing up in their/your town and invite them to join us. Tell them to bring their friends!!

Positions are filling, APPLY TODAY!  :)

Any more ideas? List them here!

Hey!!! I've got the Facebook thang, and can definitely take on more - but I'll stick with that for now. :-)

Great ideas. I feel so... so... organized and informed.

You have done a wonderful job with the resources area, I just spent about 30 minutes reading things.

Thanks Mike!



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