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Author Topic: The Direction Of The Economy Is Not Going To Change  (Read 6283 times)


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The Direction Of The Economy Is Not Going To Change
« on: May 08, 2009, 11:37:55 AM »
Suckers rally in the markets, Dow will be driven down again, market gyrations motivated by insider greed, bank acquisitions point to a greater agenda, despite what economists and institutions are attempting, the economy will remain in a spiral

In the first three weeks of April this year, insiders for NYSE listed companies sold 8.32 times more stock, by dollar value, than they purchased.  What does that tell you?  We won't insult your intelligence by answering.  If ever there was an indicator to identify a sucker's rally, this would be it.  This is the ongoing Big Sting Two as strength is created by the PPT for insiders to sell into as our economy collapses under a dollar-busting juggernaut of fiat paper, aka Federal Reserve notes, being monetized at light speed as our President and Congress go on a spending spree that makes the spending habits of a Saudi sheik's entourage look like those of a group of Welsh penny-pinchers.  So much for "beloved" Emperor Obama's promise to put an end to legislative pork and fiscal profligacy.

The insider sales being made in public view pursuant to insider trading rules are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Big Sting Two trades, most of which are done behind our backs in dark pools of liquidity such as Project Turquoise, Baikal and the OTC derivative markets, which are totally opaque and unregulated. As a result, the SEC has no public record of insider trades to scrutinize, not that it matters, because they only prosecute the scapegoats set up by elitist flimflam artists while the real criminals profit handsomely from their crimes.  Then, of course, once the rally has reached its manipulated end as disclosed in advance by the PPT to insiders, all the elitist insiders go short while strength on the sell side is created for them to short into as investors are terrorized by Cramer and/or Buffet.  If you are not an insider, you need to get out of the stock markets and bond markets - NOW!!! – with the exception of gold and silver shares or short postions.  It is suicide to try to beat them at their own game.  Do not empower them by giving them your money so they can steal it from you.

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