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Eichenbaum first Republican Congressional Candidate to Top $100k


Dr. Dan Eichenbaum:
Asheville, NC - The Dr Dan 4 Congress campaign announced today that it has raised more than $119,000.  As such, Dr. Eichenbaum has continued to outpace his primary opponents by being the first to reach the six figure milestone and to receive contributions from donors in each of NC-11's fifteen counties.

“The amazing citizens of Western North Carolina are investing in our campaign because they realize that Heath Shuler and his politician friends in Washington don’t listen.  Last September 12th, more than 1 million patriots rallied on the streets of Washington, DC yet we the people are still ignored,” said Eichenbaum.  “The people of Western North Carolina want a representative who will advocate on their behalf, actively proposing legislation that will get government out of their lives and out of the way of business, thereby letting entrepreneurs do what they do best, create jobs.”

This is a first foray into politics for Dr. Eichenbaum, a practicing ophthalmologist hailing from Murphy, NC, who’s decision to challenge Shuler was made after attending the last year’s Tax Day Tea Party rally in Atlanta and receiving encouragement from members of the WCU Young Americans for Liberty and the Buncombe County Young Republicans. 

In addition to being the first Republican candidate to reach six figures, Dr. Eichenbaum has won every straw poll following a debate and has received endorsements from several grassroots organizations including the Asheville Tea PAC, the Cherokee County 9-12 Project, and the Independence Caucus, making him the clear frontrunner in the race to challenge Heath Shuler.


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