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Physician Congressional Candidate Dan Eichenbaum, MD Urges Rep. Shuler to Repeal


Dr. Dan Eichenbaum:
As a practicing physician for 34 years, I have a comprehensive and personal understanding of our nation’s healthcare system, both its successes and failures.

A careful examination of the healthcare bill enacted this week reveals numerous government bureaucracies whose purpose is to regulate, evaluate, and rate the cost-effectiveness of interactions between physicians and their patients, interactions that should otherwise be personal and private. Like the legislative process by which it was passed, this bill is a shrewdly deceptive Trojan horse by which the federal government hopes to federalize and socialize all medical care.

The American healthcare system, judged by survival rates for serious illness and the innovative development of drugs and medical devices, is beyond question the finest in the world. Why else would the world’s wealthy and elite travel here for care instead of opting for treatment in their own counties. In addition, Congress, the executive branch, and other government elite have predictably excluded themselves from participation in this costly and inferior healthcare scheme. Such hypocrisy emphasizes the need for passage of the 28th Amendment which would require that legislation passed by Congress apply equally to legislators and citizens.

Healthcare access and cost issues are best solved by allowing the free market to function normally. Interference from government and corporate interests create rules and mandates that prevent doctors and patients from bargaining with each other for goods and services, purchasing individualized insurance policies from any and all competing companies, and using tax-free healthcare saving accounts to amass private funds for future medical use.

The purposeful exclusion of doctors and patients from the entire legislative process is an obscene reminder of the arrogance of our elected officials and how unwarranted interference into the private affairs of citizens always does more harm than good.

Given the enormity and import of this legislative initiative, how is it possible, Mr. Shuler, that you have no opinion until Nancy Pelosi tells you what to believe and how to vote? I sincerely hope that you are not so concerned about your political future and devoid of moral fiber that you can justify ignoring the wishes and welfare of your constituents until it is politically convenient.

On behalf of fellow physicians, patients, and the vast majority of the citizens of Western North Carolina, I urge you to repeal this legislation.

Dan Eichenbaum, MD
Candidate for Congress, NC District 11


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