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Author Topic: Tenth Amendment Summit (Atlanta, GA) - Dr. Dan Eichenbaum NC 11 to Attend  (Read 4242 times)

Dr. Dan Eichenbaum

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I’m very excited to be attending The Tenth Amendment Summit on Friday in Atlanta, Georgia, The Summit is a gathering of 2010 candidates from across the country who will champion state sovereignty.  In addition, I have received an invitation to attend the closed-door meeting of select candidates on Thursday evening to discuss strategies for implementing state-level responses to federal overreach, possible legislation, and advancing the message of state sovereignty.  I have also been included in the list of candidates who will have the opportunity to address the Summit.

Speakers include former superior court judge and Fox News analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano, and Chief Justice Roy Moore of Alabama, who is widely known for his refusal as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court to remove the Ten Commandments from the courthouse wall. 

As a staunch defender of states’ rights, I anticipate the Summit experience will provide me with additional knowledge and ammunition to fight federal overreach as a congressman in Washington.

As a nation, I believe the US must protect and defend its borders, national identity, and sovereignty against all threats external or internal. The push toward globalism sponsored by the current administration and the United Nations is a direct threat to our personal liberties and the rule of law as defined by our Constitution, and, as such, must be fought with all vigor and persistence. When our Constitution was written, treaties consisted of agreements one nation to another nation. For this reason, provisions were made so that no state could opt out of an international treaty agreed to by senate ratification. These provisions are extremely dangerous now that UN “human rights” treaties deal with citizens’ rights inside a nation. Senate ratification of UN treaties such as those concerning Rights of Children, Climate Change, Weapons, Judicial/Legal rights, etc., would allow international law to supersede state law to the detriment of our citizens. This possibility is unacceptable to me. Until this constitutional loophole is removed, we must actively prevent ratification of any international treaty that would contradict or restrict any rights and provision guaranteed by our constitution.

The States created the federal government, not the other way around. The Tenth Amendment is referred to as the “forgotten amendment.” Our founders added the Tenth Amendment because they wanted to make it absolutely clear that anything that was not delegated or prohibited by the Constitution would be reserved to the states or to the people. Individual states must actively and aggressively take the necessary legal steps to reaffirm and regain the rights that have been usurped by the federal government.

Trust in Freedom
Dr. Dan Eichenbaum
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