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Quote>>>> On a different subject did you see the post on the main 912 web site where they are saying that Obama care was pretty much passed in the stimulus bill?  They said what he is talking about now is the third rail of the bill.  I'm not sure if it is true but they have a Doctor reporting this.  She said it was in a prior bill that no one bothered to read. -pamassetmgr
Pam, I hadn't heard about them sneaking it in like that, but not too many things surprise me anymore. I want to find unlicensed doctors who will stand up for right and remain affordable for their community, not requiring extensive insurance coverage for every little thing. And if a service is impractically unaffordable, why not have doctors create their own payment plans for their own patients? Car dealerships do it. Why not doctors?

We need doctors who will cease promotion of pharmaceuticals in exchange for more natural remedies and (oh my) actual common sense methods of illness prevention and remedy. We should choose our doctors and health caregivers by way of good, independent client testimonials, not by way of licensing from an unlawful and corrupted state. Create our own review system for doctors. Put them back on the level of the rest of the marketable business community. If they want to make more money, it should be decided by how much their patients are willing to pay -- just like the rest of us business owners. If I want to find a good doctor, I should look to their patients for reviews, not to the state for their license. Who better to judge their skill and know-how than people who have actually received their services?

I get so enraged about the healthcare debate because I think people need to stand for freedom and choice and make up their own system. America used to be so creative, ingenious and inventive. But it seems that lately our only creativeness is in how many methods we can come up with to "coax" or "beg" our "leaders" into letting us have what we want. Asserting our rights would be that we find (and perhaps some of us should BE..) doctors who are willing to sacrifice a garage full of Mercedes, and instead begin helping a community who will refuse to be part of a bloated system of excessive law suits, malpractice insurance, and unlawful state fees and mandates which are born out of a ill-conceived notion that doctors are "gods" who can perform "miracles".

Do what we want under God's laws, asserting our rights and doing right no matter what. And when the state comes to shut us down, we will challenge their treasonous acts as lawful state citizens, just as we should with ANY violation of our rights. If they can PROVE to us that they have jurisdiction to do what they are doing, then perhaps we will obey. But until then, we will live free or die.


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