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Shuler voted in FAVOR of raising the debt ceiling and the PAYGO


Dr. Dan Eichenbaum:
In spite of promises made on his website and in disregard for all economic common sense, our representative, Heath Shuler, voted in favor of raising the limit on the national debt by $1.9 trillion. In doing so, Mr. Shuler displays his inability to comprehend the basic fact that continued deficit spending will lead our nation to an inevitable financial collapse. The appropriate analogy would be a family, already maxed out on credit card debt, requesting the bank raise their card limit so they could borrow even more money. This obviously would not happen in real life, but our federal government doesn’t operate by the same economic rules that govern our personal lives.

Some would argue that, without an increase in the debt ceiling, the government will not be able to fund next month’s social security checks, medicare reimbursements, military pay checks, and interest payments on the national debt. The obvious answer is to immediately eliminate all funding for useless, non-essential earmarks that serve only to protect the careers of our corrupt politicians. A recently-released list of these projects reveals an obscene waste of taxpayers’ money. Maintaining the current ceiling on the national debt could have forced congress to make the hard decisions necessary to move toward the fiscally responsible, balanced budget needed to avoid financial catastrophe.
Trust In Freedom
Dr Dan Eichenbaum

Unfortunatly, congress chooses to bury their heads in the sand and hope this all goes away, or society as we know it ceases to exist, and they are alive to reap the spoils.


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