John Ainsworth Presents America’s Remedy in Pfafftown, NC

John Ainsworth Presents
America’s Remedy

Kick-Off Presentation
Saturday, May 1, 2010
from 1:00 to 5:00PM at the
West Central Community Center
6130 Yadkinville Road, Pfafftown, NC
$10 per person, families just $12.


Register now to attend the kick-off presentation of America’s Remedy, presented by¬†John Ainsworth!

Government controlled healthcare, burdensome taxes, Roe vs. Wade, Cap & Trade, loss of religious freedoms, job losses, the list goes on and on. Why spend MILLIONS fighting these separately?

In this exciting presentation, you will learn how to cut at the root and remove the “cancer” that is eating away at our country. With over 19 years of study and research, John Ainsworth has been involved in over eight court cases fighting for the rights of the state citizen. He reveals shocking truths with historical documented proof and offers¬†THE REMEDY for what ails America. There is no one, or any other seminar in the country that can provide you with the information that John has discovered. It is ground-breaking, unique, bold, innovative, peaceful, and truly one of a kind!

If you’re tired of Obama change and want REAL change and for America to return to its constitutional foundation, then America’s Remedy is for you! Check it out!

Visit America’s Remedy online at

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