State Citizen Asserts Rights. Case Dismissed!

On March 2nd, Mandie Rose, Republic citizen and close friend of ours, with the help of John Ainsworth, challenged the jurisdiction of the court in a seatbelt violation case. We sent out a notice in the Carolina Liberty newsletter encouraging others to attend stating that “if the courts can prove lawful jurisdiction, only then will Mandie recognize their authority in the case.”

Here’s what happened…

State of North Carolina v. Amanda Lea Rose

YESTERDAY, March 2nd at 9AM, John Ainsworth, Mandie (Amanda Lea Rose, Respondent), and my wife Sara and I were in District courtroom 1A at the Forsyth County Hall of Justice. Mandie was there by special appearance as a citizen of NCAR (North-Carolina American Republic) to challenge the jurisdiction of the court. The charge was a seat belt violation.

Mandie was number 103 out of 135 on the docket, so we knew we would probably be there for a while. Furthermore, with all of the paperwork Mandie had filed beforehand and seeing as how she was arguing jurisdiction and not simply pleading guilty or not guilty like many folks in the room, we figured there was a good chance they would make us wait until everyone else was gone.

Many people had lawyers. Those who wished to go ahead and enter a guilty plea were asked to form a line for immediate payment to the cashiers. This emptied the court room significantly. Those who remained were called up one by one. The fleecing continued. Lawyers or not, most folks in the room paid some sort of fine or fee.

We continued waiting, watching the crowd dwindle down to about one or two people. Around 11:35 AM, Mandie’s name was called. She started to make her way up to the front, but before she could even cross the bar the DA uttered “motion for voluntary dismissal.” He tells Mandie she can go, and then looks at the three of us sitting there and asks us if we’re with her. We nod and all leave the courtroom together with big goofy smiles on our faces.

On the way out, I look at John and say something like “So that’s it?” It’s one thing to hear John talk about his experiences in court, but it’s another thing to actually see something like this happen. Mandie didn’t pay a single dime to the court yesterday.

Excerpt from Mandie’s Facebook:

“It was really like a cattle call – everyone pleading guilty, or paying a lawyer to do the same. I was the only [one] who didn’t plead guilty – I plead Pre-Arraignment Challenge of Jurisdiction, and unload the paperwork on the DA. He asked if I wanted the judge to hear it, or set a court date. I asked for the judge to hear it. He waited until I was the very last person, and dismissed without calling me up. The state just can’t prove they are lawful, and until they do, they won’t convict a citizen of the de-jure state.”

Mandie can be reached on her Facebook page.

Those interested in becoming citizens or running for office in the North-Carolina American Republic are encouraged to attend the next meeting of the NCAR on March 13, 2010, 1 PM at:

Golden Corral
120 Gallery Center Drive
Mooresville, NC 28117-6307


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