An Emergency Checklist

ShelvesBareWhat if you headed to the grocery store one day to find there was no food? What if you headed to the ATM to find out that all banks had closed and you couldn’t get any money? These scenarios may sound outlandish; however, to those who realize among other things that debt is NOT an asset, that valueless paper money is an abomination (Proverbs 20:10) and that the current political process is corrupt down to its roots, we see that things cannot continue like they have for too much longer. The question is not if, but when.

Part of being prepared is to know what is going on around you and to be informed. There are multiple sources currently speaking of mandatory flu vaccinations, bank holidays, FEMA training and other such events which, if enforced, could lead to panic and disorder. As with any news, you should use your own judgement. However, we recommend doing your own research into these topics, judge for yourself and prepare accordingly.

On July 11th, we held our Committees of Safety seminar. There we learned the basics of being ready for any event. We learned about food storage, livestock, emergency energy, natural and herbal remedies, security of the political process and firearms. We have posted audio from that seminar and we urge you to take a listen, follow through with your own preparations, and discuss these plans with your closest friends and family so that you can develop a plan in case of an emergency. Remember! Preparedness is a lifestyle. So get prepared!

For those who choose to “err on the side of caution”, we’ve prepared an emergency checklist to get you started. Feel free to print this list and pass it along to your friends and loved ones.

Download the emergency checklist here.

Update 8/17/09: Our emergency checklist PDF now includes a BONUS list from Republic magazine! Click the download link above to re-download the PDF. Their list is called “100 Items to Disappear First in a Calamity.” A special thank you to the kind folks at Republic Magazine for allowing us to include their expansive list. Please support them by visiting Their magazines are great to pass around to friends and family.


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