Scary Times Can Bring Us Together

24 people came and chimed in at this Thursday’s meeting. Though the resounding, unanimous theme seemed to be doom-and-gloom for the coming days, there was also the undeniable air of planning, preparation and prayer — and most importantly, a sense of community.


RI-I11-114A-01.JPGYou know the “mark of the beast” spoken about in Revelation? Well, some believe it is here. The RFID, which stands for Radio Frequency Identification, is a small tag which can now be hidden in your clothing, food packaging, electronics or anything you purchase. It can even be embedded in your skin. This tag uses the electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling in the RF portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to transmit signals. In other words, it provides a way for something to be tracked without line-of-sight.

Though the RFID and its technology has recently been played down, we can only see its uses increasing with time.  In the case of Pennsylvania’s Slippery Rock University, students will “soon be able to use their cell phones to make payments at locations on campus as well as with participating merchants in the surrounding community.” According to this article and others like it, the RFID in students’ phones will be linked to their school bank account via the internet.

Bank Shutdowns in September

Check out this letter by Jim Willie, a financial sense market commentator. Thought we are not certain as to the reliability of this author, the bank shutdown which he is predicting for September of this year would cause catastrophic events including bank heists, US dollar devaluation and social chaos. If what he is saying here is true, then we would all be wise to prepare for such an event. According to this article, you may want to closely examine the security of things like your 401k, your bank accounts and pretty much anything that you can’t hold in your hand.

toiletpaperIn an emergency situation where bank accounts are inaccessible and/or the US dollar experiences a severe devaluation, the “numbers” represented in these accounts may not be of much help. When a collapse like this happens the first system that will emerge is that of trade and barter. People simply trade goods and services. So be sure you have these to offer — food, water, supplies. Oh, and TOILET PAPER — or perhaps the pages of a phone book. Basically, everything you need to live. Visit our Committees of Safety page for more ideas. After some time, when things begin returning to some form of “normalcy,” often an economy will resort to a more “Biblical” form of currency, like gold and silver. In such a case, it may not only pay off to be prepared with food, shelter, goods and services, but precious metals like gold and silver may be worth its weight in…well…gold. So stock up folks!

Action Alerts: Outreach and Prayer Vigil

The above examples are just a few of the topics we discussed this Thursday. It is obvious that our freedom is quickly fading. So what is the solution? Well, obviously knowledge is the first step. Though much of tonight’s information told of a bleak future, it also brought about a sense of community and a desire to help others to get prepared. Everyone had ideas. One such idea was the proposal for an in-depth newsletter to be printed, 50,000 copies or so, and delivered to residents of the Triad area (Winston Salem, Greensboro, Walnut Cove, King, etc). The cost has been researched to be around $8,300 and would require someone who is knowledgeable about page layout and design. If you feel the call to help with this project, please contact us.


Without God, we can do nothing. Since Carolina Liberty’s inception, it has been our utmost desire to put God at the heart of it all. And so tonight it was once again proposed that we have a 24-hour prayer vigil, much like we had in March. As we plan this event, we ask that you consider participating in it. The time is now for us to pray for our country, our freedoms, our friends and our families.

“If My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

Did You Know?

Many people are of the persuasion (belief in propaganda) that law enforcement agents can arrest you for any infraction which violates any one of the plethora of statutes lining the walls of your local law library in a mind numbing array of volumes.

What most folks don’t know is that once upon a time they actually had rights; rights that superceded these voluminous extrapolations. Rights such as certain limitations upon the capacity to arrest an American citizen with or without an arrest warrant.

Let me touch on just a couple and see if these don’t surprise you just a little.

To begin this little expose, it is a maxim of law that if it was once a right, it is still a right and there can be no legislation which would abrogate it. With this in mind let us look at the question of arrest without a warrant from the court’s point of view. The Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia declared: “The common law relating to arrest is the law on that subject in Virginia. At common law a peace officer may arrest without a warrant for a breach of the peace committed in his presence, but for no other misdemeanor.” Galligher v. Commonwealth, 161 Va. 1014, 170 S.E. 734, 736 (1933), authorities cited.

Where a person was arrested without warrant and charged with “public drunkenness,” which resulted in charges of “resisting arrest,” it was held by the Supreme Court of North Carolina that the arrest was illegal as the state failed to make a prima facie case by showing that the defendant’s conduct at the time of arrest amounted to either an actual or threatened breach of peace. The court said “it is manifest that mere drunkenness unaccompanied by language or conduct which creates public disorder amounting to a breach of the peace, will not justify arrest without a warrant,” and that “not every misdemeanor is a breach of the peace.” In a very well-reasoned decision on the subject of arrests, the Court held: “It has always been the general rule of the common law that ordinarily an arrest should not be made without warrant and that, subject to well-defined exceptions, an arrest without warrant is deemed unlawful. 4 Bl. Comm. 289 et seq.; 6 C.J.S., Arrest, § 5, p. 579. This foundation principle of the common law, designed and intended to protect the people against the abuses of arbitrary arrests, is of ancient origin. It derives from assurances of Magna Carta and harmonizes with the spirit of our constitutional precepts that the people should be secure in their persons. Nevertheless, to this general rule that no man should be taken into custody of the law without the sanction of a warrant or other judicial authority, the processes of the early English common law, in deference to the requirements of public security, worked out a number of exceptions. These exceptions related in the main to cases involving felonies and suspected felonies and to breaches of the peace (authorities cited). State v. Mobley, 240 N.C. 476, 83 S.E.2d 100, 102 (1954).

Now that I have your curiosity and maybe even some deeper interest, check this out from the Supreme Court of North Carolina. It held that “the overwhelming weight of authority” for misdemeanor charges, is that the officer “must have the warrant in his possession.” The Court said: “In 6 C.J.S., Arrest, § 4, p. 576 et seq., we find the general rule stated as follows: “The warrant must at the time of arrest be in the possession of and with the person purporting to act thereunder or of one with whom he is acting in conjunction. * * * Accordingly, where the warrant is at the officer’s house some distance from the scene of the arrest, or in the hands of another who is not at the scene of arrest, or in the central office of a city detective bureau, the arrest is unlawful.” Alexander v. Lindsey, 230 N.C. 663, 55 S.E.2d 470, 474 (1949).

One last thing: “When an officer arrests a person without a warrant, the burden rests upon the officer to plead and prove justification. Otherwise the arrest is prima facie unlawful.” Evans v. Jorgenson, 182 Minn. 282, 234 N.W. 292, 293 (1931), and; “The plaintiff need not prove that the imprisonment was unlawful or malicious, but establishes a prima facie case if he proves that he was imprisoned by the defendant; the onus then lies on the defendant of proving a justification. Earl of Halsbury, The Laws of England, vol. 38, 3rd Ed., Pt. 4, § 1266, p. 765, London, 1962.

It gets even more interesting as you follow this line of reasoning by the courts themselves.

Want to hear MORE? Check out our meetings on Thursday’s.


July 2nd – Carolina Liberty Meeting

Listen Now!

Harvey Pulliam - image courtesy of HarveyPulliam.comOn July 2nd, 2009 we were pleased and honored to have Mr. Harvey Pulliam as our guest speaker. Harvey is a true patriot and is definitely keeping the heat on our government representatives – both at the local and the national level. He deals primarily with the NC constitution, and encourages a means by which we can hold our ELECTED officials accountable. Specifically, using the constitution as the legal basis to impose term limits. Our NC Constitution has provided a way that we can decide who represents us – and for how long. They are our representatives. Our servants. They NEED our funds. They NEED our vote. Harvey, on other website,, purports:

Exercise one of your rights: request that your elected officials adopt 2-year renewable terms of office that are not staggered. They can, if they choose, obey the frequent elections clause of the N.C. Constitution, which they took a oath to uphold. If they give you the tired old, “we need experience on the board,” tell them that 2-year terms are served by the U.S. House Of Representatives – all 435 of them – and they are elected at one time. Is your town more complicated than the U.S. House? If so, you have indeed lost control of your elected officials. Take back control with 2-year terms, renewable at your option, at the ballot box.

I call this petition
“Big Government’s Nightmare.”

Also authorized by N.C. G. S. 160A-104, this N.C. General Statute give the qualified voter of any municipality the ability to call for a referendum to determine whether to amend the municipality’s charter, so that the mode of election of the city council shall be that all candidates shall be elected by all the qualified voters of the city. See N.C. General Statute 161A-101(6).

This, if enacted by the voters, will end the ward system, will make all city council members represent all the people all the time, and make them subject to approval at election time by all the qualified voters.

The above statues cannot be used for county commissioners, as they are an agency of the state. They have to vote to change to an at-large system. So contact your county commissioners and express your wish to end ward or district systems if you have them.

Our Founding Fathers were divinely inspired, and no ordinary men could have breathed breath into that document.

“We are endowed by OUR CREATOR with certain unalienable rights.”

Mere humans cannot grant rights. They can merely allow privileges, which are always trumped by rights. In our meeting, Harvey made the point that we have fallen prey to Stockholm Syndrome – having been deceived into believing that our captors are our friends, and are looking out for our best interest.

Mr. Pulliam retold a story of recently bringing his digital camera to the Kernersville Board of Aldermen meeting Kernersville Aldermen - photo courtesy of HarveyPulliam.comto take a picture of the board bringing the budget to a vote, and the mayor demanded that he put away his camera. But oh-ho-ho no. Mr. Pulliam didn’t check his rights at the door!!! He demanded to get a picture of this board voting on this horrendous budget and wanted to post on his website. They were so mad that they took a 10 minute break, but the city attorney stood up for him, and forced the photo-op. All of the Aldermen sat there and held their hand up and looked sheepish while he took their picture. Harvey is provocative, but he emphasized that our forefathers paid a bigger price than that!

Special thanks to Harvey Pulliam, for your boldness and willingness to take the unpopular road. You’re welcome back to our Thursday night meetings anytime!

It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error.”

- U.S. Supreme Court in American Communications Association v. Douds, 339 U.S. 382, 442

Stokes FreedomWorks Tea Party

On Saturday July 4th, 2009, about 100 humans (and 1 dog) were in attendance at the American Legion in King, NC for the tea party sponsored by Stokes FreedomWorks. Of course our Carolina Liberty group infiltrated the crowd armed with quippy fliers and a powerful audio recorder that picked up all of the activity amazingly well. By the way, that audio file is included with this post, and I’ve detailed the audio markers next to the corresponding speakers. Thanks to the brilliant and talented and genius and cute as a button (not that I’m partial or anything) Cliff Muncy for making that happen!

Several speakers took the stage including:

  • Dr. Douglas Schell
  • Rick Morris (one-time manager for Stokes county)
  • Don East (state senator from Surry County – audio mark 10:56)
  • Bryan Holloway (representative for Stokes County – audio mark 22:39)
  • Rev. Bob Lightner (pastor of Philadelphia Fellowship and owner of Rebel Ridge Farm in Walnut Cove, NC – audio mark 33:58)
  • Becki Gray (Vice President for Outreach at the John Locke Foundationaudio mark 50:34)

The last portion of the event included an open mic session which allowed several others to speak their piece as well. These citizen speakers included:

  • Georgia Yeager (audio mark 01:02:26)
  • Buddy Tim (audio mark 1:10:00)
  • Harvey Pulliam (audio mark 1:18:21)
  • Bill Randell (audio mark 1:23:32)
  • Craig Carrico (audio mark 1:30:23)
  • Lyn Ballentine (audio mark 1:35:53)
  • Dave Dembroski (audio mark 1:42:00)
  • Rick Secrest (audio mark 1:44:4)

All of the speakers that day offered fresh and exciting perspectives on the current state of affairs in our state and abroad. Sometimes – particularly within this Liberty/Patriot movement – it can be a lonely road. You may think you’re the only fringe ‘nut job’ out there with these wacky ideas about freedom and liberty and the preservation thereof, but every now and then a group of unique individuals assemble in one place, and you find comfort in the sanctum of like-minded thought. It’s encouraging, this realization that we’re not so alone after all!

Many thanks to Stokes FreedomWorks and Jack Gibson for organizing and sponsoring this event!

“Under the law of nature, all men are born free, every one comes into the world with a right to his own person, which includes the liberty of moving and using it at his own will. This is what is called personal liberty, and is given him by the Author.”

-Thomas Jefferson

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