June 25th Meeting

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We discussed the following things at this Thursday’s meeting. Join us every Thursday night at 7PM at Freedom Baptist Church in Rural Hall, North Carolina!



 -Report given concerning the seminar. Several Carolina Liberty attendees were in attendance at this seminar and were impressed by the information regarding a man who says “I can cure your cancer.” We encourage you to visit Cancercured.org for more information.


New Carolina Liberty Website Launch!

Cliff completed the website. Check out all the new stuff! We ask that everyone spread the word. It is hugely important that we make these resources known. Some of the new features of the website are:

  • Google Calendar – Compatible with phones, etc. You can subscribe to calendar and add events to your own personal calendar.
  • About Us – Members were asked to read these pages and let Cliff know if they have any suggestions on improvements to the content.
  • Curriculum – Tells all about the NCAR (North Carolina American Republic)
    - Link to Affidavit for Citizenship & Domicile
    - Connects to NCAR Website
    - Several resources/info gleaned from John Ainsworth’s Seminar DVD still in production

Committees of Safety

It was discussed that even if no catastrophic event occurs, it is still hugely important to our lives. It may be hopeless to effect change via the political process, but we need to do everything we can to be prepared.

  • It will be important to have medical professionals within this movement.
  • Orlando made a point that all we really need is a first aid kit. Most of what we put in our mouths makes us sick. Physicians may point to genetics but it really is an indication of what we eat.
  • We had an in-depth discussion concerning holistic and healthy eating. Attendees may want to contact Lyn or Orlando for more information.
  • The biggest difference between our society and other societies that have collapsed is that we don’t really know how to do what it takes to survive. The group tonight was encouraged to go out and seek these things out and educate themselves.
  • Further discussion regarding what and how to go about treating emergency medical issues.


Great Encouragement
We are greatly encouraged to see all the different liberty-minded groups popping up. Sometimes small groups can make a more profound impact by contributing to the greater whole.


Traffic Ticket
Tonight the group asked one of the attendees to follow up on his ticket situation to see what had been resolved. We then discussed various methods for fighting matters like this, including non-statutory abatement as well as a method in which you write “Refuse for Cause” on the ticket and then return it to the officer within three days. The third and final argument that was given was of course arguing jurisdiction (see NCRepublic.org or our curriculum page).


NCAR Curriculum Update
Sara will be working on the NCAR Curriculum with John Ainsworth. This curriculum will propel people toward making these arguments for themselves. Know what you know! Our group then shared court experiences.


Discussion of Upcoming Events


America: Restoring a Heritage – 8/7/09 & 8/8/09
Summersville Arena & Conference Center
Summersville, WV (see our calendar for event details)


Tea Parties – July 4th
-King, NC – Cliff talked about his discussion with David Schell. David Schell was listed online as one of the organizers for the Stokes (King) Tea Party, though he wasn’t the actual organizer. In his conversation with David, Cliff found it encouraging that David was on the same page as Carolina Liberty.  Mr. Schell warned against not looking to tea parties because the traitors are in power and we need to do what we can to be prepared.
-Raleigh, NC – Black Robe Regiment 


ChuckBaldwinLive.com - information regarding Black Robe Regiment

June 17

June 17-18, 2009

Listen Now Thursday’s Meeting | Raleigh Rally

Thursday Meeting Notes:

Tonight several topics were discussed including the upcoming calendar events and ideas shown below. We also went around the table and asked each person how they felt about the success of our recent Raleigh Rally. Many of us felt as though the trip was an “exercise in futility”. Yet at the very least, it showed the state representatives where we stood and we also were able to see where they stood. In our conversation with Bryan Holloway, we saw that he too realizes where the country is headed and he is very disappointed about this just as we are. Unfortunately, he finds that the VERY liberal North Carolina legislature is basically a dictatorship, where the speaker controls what is heard and what is not. We also spoke to representative Larry Brown. When we asked him “How do we get our liberty back?” Larry’s first response was without hesitation, “REVOLUTION.” Listen to the audio above.

-912 Project Meeting – 6/20/09
 -Saturday, 3PM, Mayberry’s
 -Goal: network, spread truth & invite attendees to Committees of Safety Meeting
 -Flyers being printed by Lin B., Bob & Cliff

-CancerCured.org – 6/23/09
 -Seminar by Dr. Robert Dowling
 -6-9PM at Village Inn, Clemmons

-July 4th Tea Party in King, NC – 7/4/09
 -Location: American Legion in King at 5PM
 -Goal: network, spread truth & invite attendees to Committees of Safety Meeting
 -Flyers being printed by Bob, Cliff and anyone who is able

-Committees of Safety – 7/11/09
 -Flyers can be found online. Invite your friends!!

-NCAR & John Ainsworth – TIME TBA
 -Fall Seminar

-Bake Sale – TIME TBA
 -Idea presented to have bake sale at Freedom Baptist instead of Walmart!
 -CL sponsored, raise money for church, pass out our information and network with church members
 -Piggyback onto other event?

-Local Town Council Involvement – TIME TBA
 -Lin is working on getting information for WS meetings
 -Keep attending your local meetings so we can schedule a date to go to one as a group!

$18 was received into the CL War Chest to raise money for more flyers. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

Committees of Safety Flyer


June 11th

June 11, 2009
Listen Now!

Minutes – Carolina Liberty 6/11/09

Raleigh Rally

- Keep contacting friends & family to promote the Rally
- Bill mentioned the tax bill has passed – intent to fund the schools. What about the NC Education Lottery? Why are they funding commercials? Wasn’t the lottery supposed to be the answer? That will be a question posed to representatives at the Raleigh Rally.
- One of the biggest issues should be Sovereignty and States Rights.
- Solidify plans regarding the Raleigh Rally with other groups -YAL, Ron Paul, Project 912
- Flyers are on the website available for download – CarolinaLiberty.com
- Meeting is scheduled with Rep. Bryan Holloway at 10-10:30 AM
- Arrival at 7:30AM at church (Freedom Baptist) on Wednesday
- Make sure to wear your buttons! Let your motto be – “wear what they wear” — Sunday best! Creates and air of respectability
- Representatives will be in session at 2 PM

NC Freedom (ncfreedom.us)

-Cliff passed around a spreadsheet showing NC Freedom’s goals and priorities, suggested that we need to add our goals to this list so that we can network with the other groups and be heard. Bill was concerned that they are only organizing to promote their own agendas.�Sovereignty is our primary goal. NC Freedom seems to be concentrating on adding / changing Constitutional Amendments.

A Word of Encouragement from Sandra Robles

This week, our very own Sandra Robles’ email to Larry Brown was published online in the Beaufort Observer. Check out the article here. Beware, it’s not for the faint of heart:�http://tinyurl.com/r8pq6x In response, Larry Brown stated that he would “NOT” vote to raise taxes. Also recently, Sandra contacted Richard Burr regarding Obama’s eligibility and received a phone call from his attorney stating that he would deliver her message to Richard Burr. This just goes to show you that one person CAN make a difference. Contact these politicians and hold their feet to the fire!

Town Council Meetings

-Cliff handed out a review of our homework assignments given last week. See last weeks notes. Start visiting the town council meeting in your area and gather information so that we can set dates to begin attending these as a group! Research to find out their requirements to speak at these meetings, meeting times, etc. When we show up at these meetings in large numbers, we can have a greater effect.
-Comment: Doug went to County Commissioner meeting on June 8th.
-Volunteer: Lin B. will research W.S. town council meeting for us. Thanks Lin!

Committees of Safety

-Bob read excerpt from “A Testament to Freedom” by Bonhoeffer
-Covered Committees of Safety
-Passed out flyer: Organizational Meeting & Seminar – Rebel Ridge Farm – Saturday July 11th at 9:30AM. Click here to download
-Inviting locals, groups, churches involved outside of our group
-The federal government keeps piling on and our community needs to be prepared to take it on ourselves. Unfortunately, Americans have become too soft.
-Suggestion: NC Cooperative Extension (http://forsyth.ces.ncsu.edu) has how-to on canning, planting, etc.
-Need to examine energy alternatives (wood stoves, solar, etc)

Safety Committee

June 4, 2009
Listen Now!

Minutes-Carolina Liberty- June 4, 2009

Eight members in attendance.  Cliff moderated meeting.  Opened with prayer.

Representative Larry Brown’s newsletter was read out loud to all attendees.  It was unanimously agreed that his newsletter was pitiful, irresponsible, and out of order. Bob Lightner’s response letter was read out loud with some members opting to share Bob’s well written response, personalize it, and ship it to Mr. Brown.  There were others who wrote their own responses but would not share them in an effort to protect their reputation. LOL. A link to Bob’s letter is below.

We discussed the Sovereignty Road Trip also known as the Raleigh Rally. Decided to meet at Freedom Baptist Church on Hwy. 65, Rural Hall at 7:30 am on Wednesday, June 17, 2009 with group planning to make a quick stop for breakfast.  Arrive in Raleigh at 10:00 am. Quarter-page flier is linked at the end of these notes.

Reminder to develop questions about our concerns while tying them into our State Sovereignty issue.

Suggestion to remind electors that ALL federal money originates with the citizen.  That NC dependence on federal money is actually a dependence on NC citizens with a middle man taking out a portion…that middle man being the federal government.  Cut out the middle man (or reduce his take) with state sovereignty.

Suggestion that two large economies in United States fund their economies entirely on a consumption tax.  They are Texas and Florida.  That Texas had surplus funds this year and was able to cut state tax burden on her citizens. This also means that Texas is financially independent of the Federal govt. handouts BECAUSE SHE DOES NOT NEED THEM.  Using tax reform and State Sovereignty to attract the Greedy side of the elected official.

Requested that inquiry be about North Carolina’s use of forcible annexation against her citizens.  That we are one of only five states that allow forcible annexation.  If we reform taxes, seek state sovereignty, this unconstitutional money grab will not be necessary.

Discussed that the typical elected official operated out of greed and power. To consider this mindset when promoting State Sovereignty.  Several stories shared about politics, power, and greed.

Reported on the NCFreedom.US meeting in Asheville on May 29th.  Three Carolina Liberty members in attendance.  NCFreedom.US stated their mission as the networking of all small NC groups into one central group.  Ten groups present at meeting including Carolina Liberty, 9/12, and Ron Paul groups.  Announced all minutes/audio/sign-up sheets (w/ names/emails/addresses ) available on Carolina Liberty Website.  Three Carolina Liberty attendees agreed that NCFreedom.US appeared to be a non partisan group.  Attendees took two votes.  Vote 1) Agreed that all in attendance supported State Wide Centralization of all groups.  Vote 2) Agreed that NCFreedom.US and its website would be the instrument of centralization of all NC small groups.  Carolina Liberty voted in favor of both decisions.

Discussed potential conversation with electors  over “The League of Municipalities.”  Round table discussion about the existence of this lobbying group, that it had in fact been called North Carolina’s shadow government.  That is is made up of ex politicians, mayors, municipal attorney’s, etc.  That many local town budgets spend thousands of dollars on this group referring to it as “a watchdog” organization.  That the citizens support this group via their local taxes when in fact this group is ANTI citizen’s rights and only protects municipalities.  That this group is a  lobbying group for municipalities to protect their ability to increase their local revenue and defeat state/voter efforts to reduce their ability to collect revenue.

ACTION ALERT – Requested members to research this group, and check the city budgets of their respective hometowns for the league payments.  Towns mentioned were Kernersville, Yadkinville, Walkertown, and Tobaccoville.

ACTION ALERT – Members asked to consider the idea of convening Carolina Liberty meetings on government property outside city halls one hour prior to town council meetings.  Other ideas considered and discussed are as follows:

ACTION ALERT – Each Carolina Liberty member to get their town council meeting calendar and bring to next Thursdays Carolina Liberty meeting for calendaring/organizing purposes.  Our mission would be to develop local watchdog groups to attend each town council meeting with their purpose to be the protection of citizens constitutional rights during town council meetings, possibly aid in electing Constitutional Representatives to serve on town councils, etc.  Carolina Liberty core group would move on to the next town/county/group until all of NC had constitutional protection groups active in local politics/town council meetings.

Proposed steps
1)  Each Carolina Liberty member attend their first town council meeting.
2)  Each member to take notes/minutes of the meeting,
3)  Format letters to include the following info.
a.  description of town council meeting agenda/votes (condensed minutes)
b.  any constitutional infringements or agenda issues that would CREATE interest
c.  date of next town council meeting
d.  announce Carolina Liberty meeting outside chambers one hour prior to council meeting
e.  contact number for Carolina Liberty member for further info
f.  copy and distribute. Tape to front doors, community bulletin boards, hand outs at church, etc.
4)  Attend calendared town council meetings en masse until we get groups large enough and informed  enough to be effective protectors of our fellow citizens from city officials.

Discussed County Committee of Safety.  Group agreed that the organization of local citizen protection groups could provide the starter groups for these committees.  The Committee of Safety would consist of a Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The subcommittees would consist of four members each with each subcommittee having a Chairman.  Thirteen additional general members would bring the total members of each Committee of Safety to 21.

Committees of Safety necessary in case of invasion, government collapse, FEMA comes in, Comet hits earth, Religious Jihad, natural disaster, etc.

Five subcommittees including
1)  political
2)  Education and spiritual
3)  Economic:  develop economic systems such as co-ops and overcome script issues
4)  Medical and Life Support:  Hook up with doctors and nurses
5)  Defense and Communications:  Get up with law enforcement.  Hand out Sheriff Mack books,      Hand out Oath Keepers information, organize minutemen, practice mustering, Evacuation plans.

Cannot do alone.  Must develop county by county.
Closed meeting with prayer.

Bob Lightner’s Letter to Representative Brown
County Committee of Safety Outline
Raleigh Rally Mini Flyer


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