May 29, 2009 – Asheville

May 29, 2009 - Asheville
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Liberty groups join together for a state-wide fight for freedom!

Our own Cliff, Tyler and Doug attended the state-wide liberty group meeting in Asheville today where David DeGerolamo ( and his team have put together a comprehensive plan and website designed to network all of the liberty-minded groups together. The website will allow for each group to have an equal voice and for all groups as a whole to act as one unit, to adopt and pursue the best “plan of action” for our state. The meeting closed in two votes deciding if 1) the representatives in attendance supported this state-wide networking plan and 2) whether or not the website presented was to be adopted as well. The decision was a unanimous and resounding “YES!” on both counts. The next step will be for the group representatives to present the information to their individual groups respectively to seek their support.

Read the article at NC Freedom:
Announcement : NC Freedom joins groups
across the state together for common cause

sheet for everyone in attendance at this meeting.
Handouts from the meeting.
Follow-up emails from Jeanne Strickland and David DeGerolamo

May 28, 2009

May 28, 2009
Listen Now!

Last week’s meeting was great as it was more of a round table discussion.  Tonight, we had around 16-18 people present. A low number, but it was packed with good ideas, information and planning. We were joined by a few visitors including one from Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty meetup group. He and his wife and baby were there. First time we’ve ever had a baby in the meeting to my knowledge.

Bill started out by talking about the states waking up. Then he read a piece called “American Capitalism: Gone with a Wimper“. He reminded us of who we are with the NC Constitution. It opened up into some good discussion. After the break, Pastor Bob Lightner had a presentation concerning committees of safety (minute mark 58:48 in the audio). After presenting a thorough overview of the current state of affairs, he gave an outline for the committee of safety and the subcommittees it involves. This was well received by all of us, and we believe it is a goal we need to have. Before his presentation, he also passed out a 3-page questionnaire, backed by federal law which you can provide to government agents when you encounter them and demand they fill it out before you provide them with any information.

Links from Bob Lightner’s Discussion:
Committees of Safety
Public Service Questionnaire
See Resources – White Paper Collections
Rethinking Romans 13
Weapons Caching
Seed Bank (Heirloom Seeds)
Food Shelf Life
Food Storage Containers
Local Currency
Food Storage, etc.

Tomorrow, a few of us will be going to a meeting in Asheville at 6PM to a meeting by in order to unite all of the liberty-minded groups in North Carolina under one umbrella.

Please also remember that we plan to visit Raleigh on Wednesday, June 17 to meet with our area Legislators concerning State Sovereignty.  If you or your group are interested in joining us please stop by one of our meetings or email Bill at


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