April 30, 2009

April 30, 2009

Last week we had about 17 attendees at our meeting.  If you have not yet been to a meeting we encourage you to check us out!

Have you heard?  Yes Weekly wrote an article on Carolina Liberty.  Please check it out here http://www.yesweekly.com/article-6168-theyre-talkin-bout-a-revolution.html.  Be sure to review (grade) the article and feel free to comment on it. 

April 22, 2009

April 22, 2009

At 8PM tonight, listen to John Ainsworth of NCAR (North Carolina American Republic) on ABN (TalkShoe network).

April 16, 2009

April 16, 2009

There were 24 in attendance, 6 of which were first timers!  Please keep spreading the word about our class!

ACTION ALERT UPDATE: Carolina Liberty Attended the Winston Salem Tea Party on Wednesday, April 15.  We had a blast!  Click here for photos of us on Flickr.  Several speakers addressed the crowd with “mostly” liberty focused speeches (instead of political rhetoric!).  Cliff made a huge Carolina Liberty flag that said “Support State Sovereignty” – it received positive praise from the many cars going by!  We were also able to pass out about 250 Carolina Liberty fliers!
After the event Cliff and Tyler were interviewed by a DJ from WFDD radio – they posted it online here: www.wfdd.org.
As Cliff and Tyler were leaving the Tea Party, WTRU 880AM Dr Brown had people calling into his radio show about Christians and income tax. You can listen to it here (Click the above link and listen to ‘Hour One’ audio. Tyler at minute mark 12:19, Cliff at minute mark 36:05.): http://lineoffireradio.askdrbrown.org/2009/04/15/april-15-2009/ Tyler and Cliff called in and both took them to school about liberty. Hierarchy of Government and democracy were topics they addressed.

The following are notes that were taken by Mandie!  Thanks Mandie!!!

Bill once again addressed his concerns about last week’s speaker.  He also read our anthem – Section 1-3 of the NC constitution. A member asked if we can find the original 1776 constitution, and what is different.  You can find a copy of the 1776 North Carolina Constitution here: Avalon Project.   Another member mentioned he went to Raleigh, and the folks that should know where a copy is said it doesn’t exist anymore.

Eccl 3:1-8 We know the signs of the sky, but not of the times. Christianity is looked at as the negative influence against
progress today.  This is the most peaceful time of history in Christianity.  Either God is blessing us or we aren’t  acting like Christians.  Which is it?

We have to be active in participating to reform the times.  How does the government treat us?  Like the boss? Like we are the reason they are employed, and like we are worthy of respect?  Not until we require them.

Jury was supposed to be able to look at the law and the evidence. The judges are not supposed to be able to determine what evidence is admitted and what isn’t.  They exercise that power even though it is not given to them.

Nem 4:13-14 said fight for your family – that’s what’s worth fighting for. 1 Sam 4:9  Act like a man, and take a stand. 1 Cor 16:13  Be strong in faith!

The Tax Talk

If you have not already seen the movie “America – Freedom to Fascism” then you need to see it!  We may do a special viewing of this film in the coming weeks!

Matt 17:24 – called him Simon because that is his earthly name, dealing with earthly issues.  What does the law of the land say?  You have to know it to answer.  Then Jesus answers that strangers are aliens, the children are the citizens. Are the children free if they are taxed – that is the question.  Our law was supposed to tax the aliens, not the citizens.

Income tax began with Victory tax in 1941, people were patriots and volunteered, then the government never stopped.   Matt 20:17 –When you answer the question Jesus asks, you get the answer.  Pay it to whom it belongs – all belongs to God.  We are Caesar – not government.  Whose image is the coin made in?  Caesar?  Whose image is Caesar made in?  The money belongs to God!

False Imprisonment and Arrest

101 SE 144 – The legislature can not change due process. They do, because we do not hold them responsible.  If the Sheriff is the law, then we are a nation of men, not of laws.  Your rights are on the line when you deal with the enforcement officer.

12 Atlanta 2nd 652, 1940 – “Arrest without a warrant is deemed to be unlawful.” site? Blackstone – definition “If it is ever a right, it is always a right.”

Allen vs state 157 NW – Supreme court said its not an unreasonable seizure to arrest someone for not wearing a seat belt.  What breach of peace or felony has been committed to allow arrest?

The North Carolina American Republic (NCAR) was established to retain common law rights.

Government is compared to biblical highwaymen – lie in the bushes and wait to steal.  Courts don’t like the searchlight of truth to be brought into the room.  Member added “true for any system, really”

A member quoted a football coach turned evangelist: “Truth sounds like hate to those who like to hate.” Member asked, “What do we hope to accomplish with state sovereignty? Isn’t state government just as corrupt? We are supposed to be a union of nation-states, not a nation.  We can tackle and restrain government in state once we remove the shackles of an unconstitutional federal usurper.  If we take out the federal equation, can we not require our own state government to return to its chains?

Lincoln didn’t like his first Attorney General – Edward Bates (1861 – 1864), who said succession was not a crime, so he fired him and appointed James Speed (1864 – 1865) who agreed with him.  Therefore we have a section against succession in the newly written NC Constitution.

Nuclear weapons
National bullying of other countries, we have now become world conquerors.  We’re bigger.  That’s why they aren’t invading here.  We use the UN to get our work done, and the UN uses the US as the world policing power.  Anna added, in the area of invasion of Iraq or Afghanistan, “We don’t want you to be able to defend yourself when we come to tell you what to do.”

Bill is tired of Hezekiah attitude – as long as there is peace in my time, I don’t care what happens down the road. Member recommended “Triumph of the Will” recorded history of 1934 Nazi convention in Nuremberg.  Documentary is still available on Amazon.  Made Frank Coppola cry.  From cultured German society to Hitler worship – happened in one year.

FUTURE ALERT: procedural law training

April 2, 2009

April 2, 2009
Listen Now! Watch Video

Class Handout: “Organizing Carolina Liberty” (PDF)
Flyer: “NC Tea Party – April 15th” (PDF)

We had 23 attendees, of which 4 were first timers! Please keep telling your friends, family and co-workers about our meeting. This is a great opportunity to meet new like-minded individuals and learn about our rights.

PRAYER ALERT: Please pray for Bill’s daughter Bethany. She recently fell ill with what appears to be a Kidney infection. Please keep Bethany and all of Bill’s family in our prayers so they have the strength to conquer this challenge. I know that they trust in God but it would help if we all keep them in our prayers!

ACTION ALERT: We have sign-up sheets for a few activities. If you are interested in passing out flyers or walking some neighborhoods to talk with people about our class then please let me know. The dates, times and details will be determined by all those who sign up to help! I think you will find that it’s fun and rewarding to get involved.
ACTION ALERT: We are looking for volunteers to help with the overall organization and weekly activities for Carolina Liberty. If you would like to help us out at any level please contact Cliff Muncy (cliff@muncyweb.com).
ACTION ALERT: There is a Winston-Salem Tea Party scheduled for Wednesday, April 15 at the Winston Square Park (N. Marshall St.) from 12 noon – 2PM. It would be great to get as many of you to attend as possible. Wear your Carolina Liberty buttons. Last I knew Bill was nominated to speak at this event! Please visit http://ncteaparty.com for more information.
ACTION ALERT: Ron Paul is scheduled to speak at Wait Chapel on the Wake Forest University campus on Monday, April 20 at 7PM! You can find more information about this event at www.yaliberty.org.
ACTION ALERT: If you have a Carolina Liberty button now is the time to wear it! With UNC winning the National Title, these Carolina Blue buttons will attract a lot of eyes! What a great opportunity for someone to ASK YOU what Carolina Liberty is all about! Need a pin? When you visit us for a meeting and donate at least $1 you can have a pin! Let’s get those pins on!

My notes from the meeting on 4/2/09: Bill read the North Carolina Sovereignty Resolution. Bill mentioned that in his opinion it is very weak compared to that of New Hampshire’s resolution HCR6 Bill contacted a member of the N.C. Legislature to let them know that he is disappointed. We recommend that everyone contact their own state representatives and senators and let them know how you feel about the resolution. You can find contact information for your representatives here: http://www.ncga.state.nc.us/GIS/RandR07/Home.html Bill continued on the “Due Process” discussion. He referenced a document called ” Arrest with and without a warrant”. He also said that “the principles of common law controls arrests”. “The law of the land IS due process of law”. He referenced many cases including 142 NW 595.

Bill also mentioned that a misdemeanor traffic violation is NOT a breach of the peace. Bill read from North Carolina cases: 240 NC 476 and 83 SE 2d 100. He also read from Blackstone’s Commentaries.

FUTURE ALERT: Bill will be getting into what a “breach of peace” and a “felony” are.


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