March 26, 2009

March 26, 2009
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We had about 22 people and 7 of them were first timers!!  Great job.  Please keep spreading the word.  We need your support so we can spread the truth far and wide.  Special thanks to the Greensboro folks and others who travel far to meet with us.  Please continue to share these emails with everyone you know.

ACTION ALERT: Tyler thanked everyone for participating in our first Prayer Vigil.  We had many volunteers who prayed during the 24 hour session for Liberty, our group, and so on.  Tyler is ready to book the next Prayer Vigil for this month.  If you are interested in helping or have some suggestions please contact Tyler at  Tyler also mentioned that he is looking for volunteers who want to help pass out Carolina Liberty fliers, walk the neighborhoods, or other advertising activities.  Please contact Tyler if you are interested in helping out with that as well.

Carolina Liberty is now on YOUTUBE!  Member Jerry was kind enough to video tape Bill at last weeks meeting and post it on YouTube.  He also created a channel just for us.

Channel: Please subscribe!!

Cliff also sent me some information on a few other projects going on in NC and throughout our Union.  The first is Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) “Tax Coalition”.  We are in discussions with them to see if we can advertise on their site.  You can view their website here:  Check it out.

Cliff has also been in contact with someone from the NC Tea Party (  We may be posting their flier on our website as well.

Lastly, Cliff has exchanged emails with Pam Reynolds from the Piedmont Triad Campaign for Liberty group.  Pam would like to present a new project they are working on called the “912 Project”. We are trying to get her to present this at our next meeting

Tyler also reminded us that last Monday (March 23) was the anniversary for Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty” speech (  Tyler read this speech to us.  Great job!  I hope it animated you to act!

Bill told us that Lt. Col. Sullivan, who has filed a lawsuit in Raleigh about Obama’s birth Certificate may be joining us for a future meeting.  I will let you know when as soon as I have more details.

As you may be aware, there is a bill in NC for claiming State Sovereignty referring to the 10th Amendment of the US.  We have to make sure that this bill has some ‘guts’ in it.  So many states are presenting and/or passing similar bills but not all of them posses the verbiage to actually hold the Fed accountable.  Our state must stop paying them taxes AND must stop taking Fed funds if we are truly serious about our Sovereignty.

Bill mentioned that our legislation (Fed and State) cannot pass laws to abrogate our rights!  In fact, our Constitutions were written for that purpose, to protect the rights of the people.

Bill told us about the YouTube video with Alan Keyes where he chews out Obama.  You can watch that video here Great job Alan!

We were also reminded of how in the Declaration of Independence ( one of the accusations against the king is that “he has erected multiple offices . . .”. This holds true today with all our alphabet agencies at the Local, State and Fed levels.  We recommend that everyone read the Declaration on a regular basis.  If Patrick Henry’s speech doesn’t animate you I bet this document will.

We were also reminded that the Sheriff is the only duly constitutional law enforcement.  If you assert your rights it will aggravate most law enforcement agencies.  95% of convictions come from confessions.  If you find yourself being stopped or “arrested” from your life, liberty or pursuit of happiness remember to keep your mouth shut.  EVERYTHING you say WILL be used against you.  Also remember that for them to Arrest you you must have committed a felony or breach of peace (which must be witnessed from the officer) or else they must have a warrant.  If you are stopped or help is that imprisonment or lawful?

Does policy trump law?  You should only be fingerprinted and photographed for felony offenses.  Also remember, there must be a victim.  Common law is the basis for Constitutional Law. No Arrest can be made without due process of law.  An Arrest without warrant (beside felonies and breach of peace) have never been lawful.

Other links:
A Treatise on Arrest and False Imprisonment
Cook vs. Hastings 

Please feel free to share this email with all your family & friends.  Please try to bring a friend to the next meeting that you attend.  As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Arrest & False Imprisonment, Police Power

March 19, 2009
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Topics of Discussion: Arrest & False Imprisonment, Police Power

Officers today have granted themselves a 30 minute investigatory stop, and they do not classify it as an arrest. However, any time you are stopped, you have been arrested. Each law related to police power must ask three questions: 1) Is there threatened danger? 2) Does the regulation involve a Constitutional right? 3) Is this regulation reasonable? (see “Treatise on Arrest and False Imprisonment” | Alternate link).

The above states, “A revolution in England and the revolution of the American colonies are said by high authorities to have been largely influenced by promiscuous seizures and searches of persons and property.” Our founders experienced promiscuous seizures and searches as one of the biggest problems of their time, and so they put this in the Constitution as something that would prohibit the government from being unlawfully involved with our personal lives and property.

The 1952 Iowa case Sergeant v. Watson Bros. Transp, Co. states, “Where two people are traveling in a car and stopped by police, and the party not driving is put in the police car and told to wait, the officer doing so is guilty of false imprisonment. Even though the person was in the police car for less than a minute, it was an arrest, as the officer had no authority for confining him in the car. Even where police officers stop a moving vehicle for a brief detention, it is sufficient to constitute an arrest. 20 Where one is told to stay in their car by an officer, though it be for only ten seconds, it is an arrest. Time duration is not a factor in making an arrest.” -

The two requirements for false imprisonment: 1) Detention or restraint against one’s will and 2) The unlawfulness of such detention or restraint.

In “Treatise on the Law of Torts,” Judge Cooley states “False imprisonment is a wrong akin to the wrongs of assault and battery, and consists in imposing, by force or threats, an unlawful restraint upon a man’s freedom of locomotion.

Knight v. Baker, 117 Or 492, 497, 244 P 543 (1926)
“The Foundations of Legal Liability” by Thomas Atkins Street (1906) | Alternate Link
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State v. Robinson 145 Maine 77 (1950)

March 12, 2009

March 12, 2009
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Last night we had 18 attendees. Thanks to all those who came out last night. It was a great meeting filled with lots of participation and discussion.

ACTION ALERT: The group North Carolinians Against REAL ID is looking for some volunteers to help them contact our State Legislatures to see where they stand on the Real ID issue. NCAR will provide you with a script and a list of 10-12 NC Legislatures to call. NCAR would need you to report back to them on the responses. Let’s try to help these guys out! If you are interested in helping in the next week please contact JP directly at We appreciate your consideration on this!

ACTION ALERT: John Ainsworth will be speaking at the Triangle Research Club luncheon hosted at the University Club on Tuesday, March 17, 2009 at 12 noon. If you are interested in attending this lunch please contact Lyn Ballentine for more information at

ACTION ALERT: We are also planning a Prayer Vigil for liberty. This is currently scheduled for next Friday, March 20 starting at 7PM and will go to Saturday, March 21 till 7PM. We would like to have at least 2 people come by each hour to pray together at Freedom Baptist Church. Please contact Bill ( or Tyler ( directly to sign up for a time slot.

I also notified the group that about a story on about how Psychiatric drugs can be the cause of school violence, not the firearms. I also sent out a link to a video yesterday about this. You can find the story here, which also links you to the video.

Bill read and we discussed an article from News with Views titled “1776 and Today: IT IS TIME TO REFRESH THE TREE OF LIBERTY”. You can find this story on Bill would like to contact this author to see if he will travel to NC and speak at our meeting.

Bill also wants to contact the leaders of other liberty groups in NC to talk about consolidating our efforts on issues that we agree on so that we can accomplish something of impact. The idea was to pursue the State Soveignty issue in North Carolina. Some groups that we thought Bill should contact are:  John Birch Society (Les Creech); Campaign for Liberty (Gary Hardee and Pat Armstrong); North Carolina American Republic (John Ainsworth); North Carolinians Against Real ID (JP). Do you know of any other groups that Bill should contact? Please email me or Bill ( directly. We will need the contact information of the person Bill should contact.

Other Links of Interest:
North Carolinians Against Real ID
North Carolina American Republic
News with Views

March 5, 2009

March 5, 2009

Bill reminded us that we can reclaim our rights as a State Citizen. We can do that using the Affidavit for Citizenship & Domicile. If you are interested in getting a copy of this form please contact Bill at 362-4488.

We have a Defacto State Government = Acting under military jurisdiction. There was a “new” jurisdiction put in place after the Reconstruction Acts. Once Civil Authority ruled over the Military, now it is reversed. The Reconstruction Acts say that the Southern States were Lawless. Therefore, the Fed government imposed Martial Law.

We continued our review on Driving and Traveling. Bill mentioned that the NC DMV is a subdivision of the NC Department of Revenue.

Traffic: The business of transportation

License: The permission by a competant authority to do that which is otherwise illegal.

Illegal vs. Unlawful: You can make anything illegal by passing a law, that does NOT make it unlawful.

Mala Prohibita Crime is when no one’s life, liberty or property has been damaged.

The only two misdimeanors that you can be arrested for are: 1) Disturbing the Peace and 2) Insiting a riot.

FUTURE TOPIC NOTICE: We are going to get into Civil Procedure. We also plan on doing some mock trials.


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