John Ainsworth in Maggie Valley

Ready for THE REMEDY?
“Restore Our REPUBLICS!”
A Seminar with John Ainsworth

Maggie Valley, NC

Feb 26th 7-9PM: 2-hour primer
Feb 27th 10AM-5PM: seminar

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Abortion, gay rights, religious freedom, taxes, debt, excessive spending, healthcare reform, republicans vs. democrats, unconstitutional actions. The list grows longer and longer. While we’re busy cutting off one branch, two more spring up in another location. But what if all of these branches could be traced to a single root cause? Wouldn’t it be better for us to hack at the root and have all of the branches die off for lack of support?

The Root:
A Government of Military Persuasion

It is a little known fact that the government of North Carolina which most of us know about was put into place by military order. Military order number 120 to be exact. Through the Reconstruction Acts and the forced amending of the Constitution, a military coup took place during the time period of 1867-1868 to put into place the government of North Carolina which is operating today.

Prior to Reconstruction, states were OVER the federal government. This is how it was designed by the founders and apparently it worked quite well. However, during Reconstruction congress anulled the state of North Carolina and put into place a new body politic, a new form of voting and a new Constitution, all foreign to our organic law. Contrary to the wishes of the founders and what is allowed by the Constitution, this was not a government of consent by the people, but a government of fraud, coercion and force.
This same government is in power today. Because of what happened during Reconstruction, states are now under total control by the Federal government. No longer do we have North Carolina citizens, but now we are all U.S. Citizens subject to the wishes of the Federal government. In fact, the majority of us agree and confirm to being U.S. Citizens when we sign our voter’s registration! Prior to Reconstruction the Federal government had NO CONTROL OR AUTHORITY over the lives and property of the people of the several states. In fact, there were only a handful of activities which the federal government was granted authority in this area. However, today we see a total invasion of the Federal government in nearly every aspect of our lives.

The Remedy:
Recognize LAWFUL State Government.

“In order to claim your rights as a state citizen, you must BE one.”

John Ainsworth has been studying for over 19 years and has been involved in over eight court cases fighting for the rights of the state citizen. In 1997, Ainsworth and several others legally re-established the de jure (lawful) state of North Carolina. This re-established state was entitled the North Carolina American Republic, or NCAR. The de jure state government has been in operation since that time and currently convenes on a monthly basis.
Ainsworth, currently the governor of the re-established republic, is looking now for candidates to run for office in the re-established de jure state of North Carolina. “We need every county represented. More people are also needed to be state citizens. The concept is to once again become the body politic which was lawfully put into place prior to reconstruction. If we can do this and the current government wants to crush us, it would be an act of treason.”

To many of us this method would sound a bit extreme, however the legal argument is sound and so far the state has refused to touch it. This is good in the sense that the rights of state citizens can still be fought for; but bad in the sense that the current state government of North Carolina refuses to prove its lawfulness. Ainsworth is hopeful that with increased numbers, the cause will be successful.
“To put it simply, it’s just a matter of people obeying the law — the true law, not the government put into place by military force.”

John Ainsworth’s Raleigh Town Hall presentation is currently available online in a series of nine YouTube videos. Watch the videos here: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9
John’s video presentation is also available on DVD. Please contact Cliff Muncy ( at 336-924-0402 for order information.


If you would like for John Ainsworth to speak in your area, please contact him at 704-620-0673 or email him directly at


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