Stokes FreedomWorks Tea Party

On Saturday July 4th, 2009, about 100 humans (and 1 dog) were in attendance at the American Legion in King, NC for the tea party sponsored by Stokes FreedomWorks. Of course our Carolina Liberty group infiltrated the crowd armed with quippy fliers and a powerful audio recorder that picked up all of the activity amazingly well. By the way, that audio file is included with this post, and I’ve detailed the audio markers next to the corresponding speakers. Thanks to the brilliant and talented and genius and cute as a button (not that I’m partial or anything) Cliff Muncy for making that happen!

Several speakers took the stage including:

  • Dr. Douglas Schell
  • Rick Morris (one-time manager for Stokes county)
  • Don East (state senator from Surry County – audio mark 10:56)
  • Bryan Holloway (representative for Stokes County – audio mark 22:39)
  • Rev. Bob Lightner (pastor of Philadelphia Fellowship and owner of Rebel Ridge Farm in Walnut Cove, NC – audio mark 33:58)
  • Becki Gray (Vice President for Outreach at the John Locke Foundationaudio mark 50:34)

The last portion of the event included an open mic session which allowed several others to speak their piece as well. These citizen speakers included:

  • Georgia Yeager (audio mark 01:02:26)
  • Buddy Tim (audio mark 1:10:00)
  • Harvey Pulliam (audio mark 1:18:21)
  • Bill Randell (audio mark 1:23:32)
  • Craig Carrico (audio mark 1:30:23)
  • Lyn Ballentine (audio mark 1:35:53)
  • Dave Dembroski (audio mark 1:42:00)
  • Rick Secrest (audio mark 1:44:4)

All of the speakers that day offered fresh and exciting perspectives on the current state of affairs in our state and abroad. Sometimes – particularly within this Liberty/Patriot movement – it can be a lonely road. You may think you’re the only fringe ‘nut job’ out there with these wacky ideas about freedom and liberty and the preservation thereof, but every now and then a group of unique individuals assemble in one place, and you find comfort in the sanctum of like-minded thought. It’s encouraging, this realization that we’re not so alone after all!

Many thanks to Stokes FreedomWorks and Jack Gibson for organizing and sponsoring this event!

“Under the law of nature, all men are born free, every one comes into the world with a right to his own person, which includes the liberty of moving and using it at his own will. This is what is called personal liberty, and is given him by the Author.”

-Thomas Jefferson

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