July 2nd – Carolina Liberty Meeting

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Harvey Pulliam - image courtesy of HarveyPulliam.comOn July 2nd, 2009 we were pleased and honored to have Mr. Harvey Pulliam as our guest speaker. Harvey is a true patriot and is definitely keeping the heat on our government representatives – both at the local and the national level. He deals primarily with the NC constitution, and encourages a means by which we can hold our ELECTED officials accountable. Specifically, using the constitution as the legal basis to impose term limits. Our NC Constitution has provided a way that we can decide who represents us – and for how long. They are our representatives. Our servants. They NEED our funds. They NEED our vote. Harvey, on other website, NCConstitution.com, purports:

Exercise one of your rights: request that your elected officials adopt 2-year renewable terms of office that are not staggered. They can, if they choose, obey the frequent elections clause of the N.C. Constitution, which they took a oath to uphold. If they give you the tired old, “we need experience on the board,” tell them that 2-year terms are served by the U.S. House Of Representatives – all 435 of them – and they are elected at one time. Is your town more complicated than the U.S. House? If so, you have indeed lost control of your elected officials. Take back control with 2-year terms, renewable at your option, at the ballot box.

I call this petition
“Big Government’s Nightmare.”

Also authorized by N.C. G. S. 160A-104, this N.C. General Statute give the qualified voter of any municipality the ability to call for a referendum to determine whether to amend the municipality’s charter, so that the mode of election of the city council shall be that all candidates shall be elected by all the qualified voters of the city. See N.C. General Statute 161A-101(6).

This, if enacted by the voters, will end the ward system, will make all city council members represent all the people all the time, and make them subject to approval at election time by all the qualified voters.

The above statues cannot be used for county commissioners, as they are an agency of the state. They have to vote to change to an at-large system. So contact your county commissioners and express your wish to end ward or district systems if you have them.

Our Founding Fathers were divinely inspired, and no ordinary men could have breathed breath into that document.

“We are endowed by OUR CREATOR with certain unalienable rights.”

Mere humans cannot grant rights. They can merely allow privileges, which are always trumped by rights. In our meeting, Harvey made the point that we have fallen prey to Stockholm Syndrome – having been deceived into believing that our captors are our friends, and are looking out for our best interest.

Mr. Pulliam retold a story of recently bringing his digital camera to the Kernersville Board of Aldermen meeting Kernersville Aldermen - photo courtesy of HarveyPulliam.comto take a picture of the board bringing the budget to a vote, and the mayor demanded that he put away his camera. But oh-ho-ho no. Mr. Pulliam didn’t check his rights at the door!!! He demanded to get a picture of this board voting on this horrendous budget and wanted to post on his website. They were so mad that they took a 10 minute break, but the city attorney stood up for him, and forced the photo-op. All of the Aldermen sat there and held their hand up and looked sheepish while he took their picture. Harvey is provocative, but he emphasized that our forefathers paid a bigger price than that!

Special thanks to Harvey Pulliam, for your boldness and willingness to take the unpopular road. You’re welcome back to our Thursday night meetings anytime!

It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error.”

- U.S. Supreme Court in American Communications Association v. Douds, 339 U.S. 382, 442

June 17

June 17-18, 2009

Listen Now Thursday’s Meeting | Raleigh Rally

Thursday Meeting Notes:

Tonight several topics were discussed including the upcoming calendar events and ideas shown below. We also went around the table and asked each person how they felt about the success of our recent Raleigh Rally. Many of us felt as though the trip was an “exercise in futility”. Yet at the very least, it showed the state representatives where we stood and we also were able to see where they stood. In our conversation with Bryan Holloway, we saw that he too realizes where the country is headed and he is very disappointed about this just as we are. Unfortunately, he finds that the VERY liberal North Carolina legislature is basically a dictatorship, where the speaker controls what is heard and what is not. We also spoke to representative Larry Brown. When we asked him “How do we get our liberty back?” Larry’s first response was without hesitation, “REVOLUTION.” Listen to the audio above.

-912 Project Meeting – 6/20/09
 -Saturday, 3PM, Mayberry’s
 -Goal: network, spread truth & invite attendees to Committees of Safety Meeting
 -Flyers being printed by Lin B., Bob & Cliff

-CancerCured.org – 6/23/09
 -Seminar by Dr. Robert Dowling
 -6-9PM at Village Inn, Clemmons

-July 4th Tea Party in King, NC – 7/4/09
 -Location: American Legion in King at 5PM
 -Goal: network, spread truth & invite attendees to Committees of Safety Meeting
 -Flyers being printed by Bob, Cliff and anyone who is able

-Committees of Safety – 7/11/09
 -Flyers can be found online. Invite your friends!!

-NCAR & John Ainsworth – TIME TBA
 -Fall Seminar

-Bake Sale – TIME TBA
 -Idea presented to have bake sale at Freedom Baptist instead of Walmart!
 -CL sponsored, raise money for church, pass out our information and network with church members
 -Piggyback onto other event?

-Local Town Council Involvement – TIME TBA
 -Lin is working on getting information for WS meetings
 -Keep attending your local meetings so we can schedule a date to go to one as a group!

$18 was received into the CL War Chest to raise money for more flyers. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

Committees of Safety Flyer


June 11th

June 11, 2009
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Minutes – Carolina Liberty 6/11/09

Raleigh Rally

- Keep contacting friends & family to promote the Rally
- Bill mentioned the tax bill has passed – intent to fund the schools. What about the NC Education Lottery? Why are they funding commercials? Wasn’t the lottery supposed to be the answer? That will be a question posed to representatives at the Raleigh Rally.
- One of the biggest issues should be Sovereignty and States Rights.
- Solidify plans regarding the Raleigh Rally with other groups -YAL, Ron Paul, Project 912
- Flyers are on the website available for download – CarolinaLiberty.com
- Meeting is scheduled with Rep. Bryan Holloway at 10-10:30 AM
- Arrival at 7:30AM at church (Freedom Baptist) on Wednesday
- Make sure to wear your buttons! Let your motto be – “wear what they wear” — Sunday best! Creates and air of respectability
- Representatives will be in session at 2 PM

NC Freedom (ncfreedom.us)

-Cliff passed around a spreadsheet showing NC Freedom’s goals and priorities, suggested that we need to add our goals to this list so that we can network with the other groups and be heard. Bill was concerned that they are only organizing to promote their own agendas.�Sovereignty is our primary goal. NC Freedom seems to be concentrating on adding / changing Constitutional Amendments.

A Word of Encouragement from Sandra Robles

This week, our very own Sandra Robles’ email to Larry Brown was published online in the Beaufort Observer. Check out the article here. Beware, it’s not for the faint of heart:�http://tinyurl.com/r8pq6x In response, Larry Brown stated that he would “NOT” vote to raise taxes. Also recently, Sandra contacted Richard Burr regarding Obama’s eligibility and received a phone call from his attorney stating that he would deliver her message to Richard Burr. This just goes to show you that one person CAN make a difference. Contact these politicians and hold their feet to the fire!

Town Council Meetings

-Cliff handed out a review of our homework assignments given last week. See last weeks notes. Start visiting the town council meeting in your area and gather information so that we can set dates to begin attending these as a group! Research to find out their requirements to speak at these meetings, meeting times, etc. When we show up at these meetings in large numbers, we can have a greater effect.
-Comment: Doug went to County Commissioner meeting on June 8th.
-Volunteer: Lin B. will research W.S. town council meeting for us. Thanks Lin!

Committees of Safety

-Bob read excerpt from “A Testament to Freedom” by Bonhoeffer
-Covered Committees of Safety
-Passed out flyer: Organizational Meeting & Seminar – Rebel Ridge Farm – Saturday July 11th at 9:30AM. Click here to download
-Inviting locals, groups, churches involved outside of our group
-The federal government keeps piling on and our community needs to be prepared to take it on ourselves. Unfortunately, Americans have become too soft.
-Suggestion: NC Cooperative Extension (http://forsyth.ces.ncsu.edu) has how-to on canning, planting, etc.
-Need to examine energy alternatives (wood stoves, solar, etc)

Safety Committee

June 4, 2009
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Minutes-Carolina Liberty- June 4, 2009

Eight members in attendance.  Cliff moderated meeting.  Opened with prayer.

Representative Larry Brown’s newsletter was read out loud to all attendees.  It was unanimously agreed that his newsletter was pitiful, irresponsible, and out of order. Bob Lightner’s response letter was read out loud with some members opting to share Bob’s well written response, personalize it, and ship it to Mr. Brown.  There were others who wrote their own responses but would not share them in an effort to protect their reputation. LOL. A link to Bob’s letter is below.

We discussed the Sovereignty Road Trip also known as the Raleigh Rally. Decided to meet at Freedom Baptist Church on Hwy. 65, Rural Hall at 7:30 am on Wednesday, June 17, 2009 with group planning to make a quick stop for breakfast.  Arrive in Raleigh at 10:00 am. Quarter-page flier is linked at the end of these notes.

Reminder to develop questions about our concerns while tying them into our State Sovereignty issue.

Suggestion to remind electors that ALL federal money originates with the citizen.  That NC dependence on federal money is actually a dependence on NC citizens with a middle man taking out a portion…that middle man being the federal government.  Cut out the middle man (or reduce his take) with state sovereignty.

Suggestion that two large economies in United States fund their economies entirely on a consumption tax.  They are Texas and Florida.  That Texas had surplus funds this year and was able to cut state tax burden on her citizens. This also means that Texas is financially independent of the Federal govt. handouts BECAUSE SHE DOES NOT NEED THEM.  Using tax reform and State Sovereignty to attract the Greedy side of the elected official.

Requested that inquiry be about North Carolina’s use of forcible annexation against her citizens.  That we are one of only five states that allow forcible annexation.  If we reform taxes, seek state sovereignty, this unconstitutional money grab will not be necessary.

Discussed that the typical elected official operated out of greed and power. To consider this mindset when promoting State Sovereignty.  Several stories shared about politics, power, and greed.

Reported on the NCFreedom.US meeting in Asheville on May 29th.  Three Carolina Liberty members in attendance.  NCFreedom.US stated their mission as the networking of all small NC groups into one central group.  Ten groups present at meeting including Carolina Liberty, 9/12, and Ron Paul groups.  Announced all minutes/audio/sign-up sheets (w/ names/emails/addresses ) available on Carolina Liberty Website.  Three Carolina Liberty attendees agreed that NCFreedom.US appeared to be a non partisan group.  Attendees took two votes.  Vote 1) Agreed that all in attendance supported State Wide Centralization of all groups.  Vote 2) Agreed that NCFreedom.US and its website would be the instrument of centralization of all NC small groups.  Carolina Liberty voted in favor of both decisions.

Discussed potential conversation with electors  over “The League of Municipalities.”  Round table discussion about the existence of this lobbying group, that it had in fact been called North Carolina’s shadow government.  That is is made up of ex politicians, mayors, municipal attorney’s, etc.  That many local town budgets spend thousands of dollars on this group referring to it as “a watchdog” organization.  That the citizens support this group via their local taxes when in fact this group is ANTI citizen’s rights and only protects municipalities.  That this group is a  lobbying group for municipalities to protect their ability to increase their local revenue and defeat state/voter efforts to reduce their ability to collect revenue.

ACTION ALERT – Requested members to research this group, and check the city budgets of their respective hometowns for the league payments.  Towns mentioned were Kernersville, Yadkinville, Walkertown, and Tobaccoville.

ACTION ALERT – Members asked to consider the idea of convening Carolina Liberty meetings on government property outside city halls one hour prior to town council meetings.  Other ideas considered and discussed are as follows:

ACTION ALERT – Each Carolina Liberty member to get their town council meeting calendar and bring to next Thursdays Carolina Liberty meeting for calendaring/organizing purposes.  Our mission would be to develop local watchdog groups to attend each town council meeting with their purpose to be the protection of citizens constitutional rights during town council meetings, possibly aid in electing Constitutional Representatives to serve on town councils, etc.  Carolina Liberty core group would move on to the next town/county/group until all of NC had constitutional protection groups active in local politics/town council meetings.

Proposed steps
1)  Each Carolina Liberty member attend their first town council meeting.
2)  Each member to take notes/minutes of the meeting,
3)  Format letters to include the following info.
a.  description of town council meeting agenda/votes (condensed minutes)
b.  any constitutional infringements or agenda issues that would CREATE interest
c.  date of next town council meeting
d.  announce Carolina Liberty meeting outside chambers one hour prior to council meeting
e.  contact number for Carolina Liberty member for further info
f.  copy and distribute. Tape to front doors, community bulletin boards, hand outs at church, etc.
4)  Attend calendared town council meetings en masse until we get groups large enough and informed  enough to be effective protectors of our fellow citizens from city officials.

Discussed County Committee of Safety.  Group agreed that the organization of local citizen protection groups could provide the starter groups for these committees.  The Committee of Safety would consist of a Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The subcommittees would consist of four members each with each subcommittee having a Chairman.  Thirteen additional general members would bring the total members of each Committee of Safety to 21.

Committees of Safety necessary in case of invasion, government collapse, FEMA comes in, Comet hits earth, Religious Jihad, natural disaster, etc.

Five subcommittees including
1)  political
2)  Education and spiritual
3)  Economic:  develop economic systems such as co-ops and overcome script issues
4)  Medical and Life Support:  Hook up with doctors and nurses
5)  Defense and Communications:  Get up with law enforcement.  Hand out Sheriff Mack books,      Hand out Oath Keepers information, organize minutemen, practice mustering, Evacuation plans.

Cannot do alone.  Must develop county by county.
Closed meeting with prayer.

Bob Lightner’s Letter to Representative Brown
County Committee of Safety Outline
Raleigh Rally Mini Flyer

May 28, 2009

May 28, 2009
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Last week’s meeting was great as it was more of a round table discussion.  Tonight, we had around 16-18 people present. A low number, but it was packed with good ideas, information and planning. We were joined by a few visitors including one from Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty meetup group. He and his wife and baby were there. First time we’ve ever had a baby in the meeting to my knowledge.

Bill started out by talking about the states waking up. Then he read a piece called “American Capitalism: Gone with a Wimper“. He reminded us of who we are with the NC Constitution. It opened up into some good discussion. After the break, Pastor Bob Lightner had a presentation concerning committees of safety (minute mark 58:48 in the audio). After presenting a thorough overview of the current state of affairs, he gave an outline for the committee of safety and the subcommittees it involves. This was well received by all of us, and we believe it is a goal we need to have. Before his presentation, he also passed out a 3-page questionnaire, backed by federal law which you can provide to government agents when you encounter them and demand they fill it out before you provide them with any information.

Links from Bob Lightner’s Discussion:
Committees of Safety
Public Service Questionnaire
See Resources – White Paper Collections
Rethinking Romans 13
Weapons Caching
Seed Bank (Heirloom Seeds)
Food Shelf Life
Food Storage Containers
Local Currency
Food Storage, etc.

Tomorrow, a few of us will be going to a meeting in Asheville at 6PM to a meeting by NCFreedom.us in order to unite all of the liberty-minded groups in North Carolina under one umbrella.

Please also remember that we plan to visit Raleigh on Wednesday, June 17 to meet with our area Legislators concerning State Sovereignty.  If you or your group are interested in joining us please stop by one of our meetings or email Bill at billr.carolinaliberty@yahoo.com.

April 30, 2009

April 30, 2009

Last week we had about 17 attendees at our meeting.  If you have not yet been to a meeting we encourage you to check us out!

Have you heard?  Yes Weekly wrote an article on Carolina Liberty.  Please check it out here http://www.yesweekly.com/article-6168-theyre-talkin-bout-a-revolution.html.  Be sure to review (grade) the article and feel free to comment on it. 

April 16, 2009

April 16, 2009

There were 24 in attendance, 6 of which were first timers!  Please keep spreading the word about our class!

ACTION ALERT UPDATE: Carolina Liberty Attended the Winston Salem Tea Party on Wednesday, April 15.  We had a blast!  Click here for photos of us on Flickr.  Several speakers addressed the crowd with “mostly” liberty focused speeches (instead of political rhetoric!).  Cliff made a huge Carolina Liberty flag that said “Support State Sovereignty” – it received positive praise from the many cars going by!  We were also able to pass out about 250 Carolina Liberty fliers!
After the event Cliff and Tyler were interviewed by a DJ from WFDD radio – they posted it online here: www.wfdd.org.
As Cliff and Tyler were leaving the Tea Party, WTRU 880AM Dr Brown had people calling into his radio show about Christians and income tax. You can listen to it here (Click the above link and listen to ‘Hour One’ audio. Tyler at minute mark 12:19, Cliff at minute mark 36:05.): http://lineoffireradio.askdrbrown.org/2009/04/15/april-15-2009/ Tyler and Cliff called in and both took them to school about liberty. Hierarchy of Government and democracy were topics they addressed.

The following are notes that were taken by Mandie!  Thanks Mandie!!!

Bill once again addressed his concerns about last week’s speaker.  He also read our anthem – Section 1-3 of the NC constitution. A member asked if we can find the original 1776 constitution, and what is different.  You can find a copy of the 1776 North Carolina Constitution here: Avalon Project.   Another member mentioned he went to Raleigh, and the folks that should know where a copy is said it doesn’t exist anymore.

Eccl 3:1-8 We know the signs of the sky, but not of the times. Christianity is looked at as the negative influence against
progress today.  This is the most peaceful time of history in Christianity.  Either God is blessing us or we aren’t  acting like Christians.  Which is it?

We have to be active in participating to reform the times.  How does the government treat us?  Like the boss? Like we are the reason they are employed, and like we are worthy of respect?  Not until we require them.

Jury was supposed to be able to look at the law and the evidence. The judges are not supposed to be able to determine what evidence is admitted and what isn’t.  They exercise that power even though it is not given to them.

Nem 4:13-14 said fight for your family – that’s what’s worth fighting for. 1 Sam 4:9  Act like a man, and take a stand. 1 Cor 16:13  Be strong in faith!

The Tax Talk

If you have not already seen the movie “America – Freedom to Fascism” then you need to see it!  We may do a special viewing of this film in the coming weeks!

Matt 17:24 – called him Simon because that is his earthly name, dealing with earthly issues.  What does the law of the land say?  You have to know it to answer.  Then Jesus answers that strangers are aliens, the children are the citizens. Are the children free if they are taxed – that is the question.  Our law was supposed to tax the aliens, not the citizens.

Income tax began with Victory tax in 1941, people were patriots and volunteered, then the government never stopped.   Matt 20:17 –When you answer the question Jesus asks, you get the answer.  Pay it to whom it belongs – all belongs to God.  We are Caesar – not government.  Whose image is the coin made in?  Caesar?  Whose image is Caesar made in?  The money belongs to God!

False Imprisonment and Arrest

101 SE 144 – The legislature can not change due process. They do, because we do not hold them responsible.  If the Sheriff is the law, then we are a nation of men, not of laws.  Your rights are on the line when you deal with the enforcement officer.

12 Atlanta 2nd 652, 1940 – “Arrest without a warrant is deemed to be unlawful.” site? Blackstone – definition “If it is ever a right, it is always a right.”

Allen vs state 157 NW – Supreme court said its not an unreasonable seizure to arrest someone for not wearing a seat belt.  What breach of peace or felony has been committed to allow arrest?

The North Carolina American Republic (NCAR) was established to retain common law rights.

Government is compared to biblical highwaymen – lie in the bushes and wait to steal.  Courts don’t like the searchlight of truth to be brought into the room.  Member added “true for any system, really”

A member quoted a football coach turned evangelist: “Truth sounds like hate to those who like to hate.” Member asked, “What do we hope to accomplish with state sovereignty? Isn’t state government just as corrupt? We are supposed to be a union of nation-states, not a nation.  We can tackle and restrain government in state once we remove the shackles of an unconstitutional federal usurper.  If we take out the federal equation, can we not require our own state government to return to its chains?

Lincoln didn’t like his first Attorney General – Edward Bates (1861 – 1864), who said succession was not a crime, so he fired him and appointed James Speed (1864 – 1865) who agreed with him.  Therefore we have a section against succession in the newly written NC Constitution.

Nuclear weapons
National bullying of other countries, we have now become world conquerors.  We’re bigger.  That’s why they aren’t invading here.  We use the UN to get our work done, and the UN uses the US as the world policing power.  Anna added, in the area of invasion of Iraq or Afghanistan, “We don’t want you to be able to defend yourself when we come to tell you what to do.”

Bill is tired of Hezekiah attitude – as long as there is peace in my time, I don’t care what happens down the road. Member recommended “Triumph of the Will” recorded history of 1934 Nazi convention in Nuremberg.  Documentary is still available on Amazon.  Made Frank Coppola cry.  From cultured German society to Hitler worship – happened in one year.

FUTURE ALERT: procedural law training

April 2, 2009

April 2, 2009
Listen Now! Watch Video

Class Handout: “Organizing Carolina Liberty” (PDF)
Flyer: “NC Tea Party – April 15th” (PDF)

We had 23 attendees, of which 4 were first timers! Please keep telling your friends, family and co-workers about our meeting. This is a great opportunity to meet new like-minded individuals and learn about our rights.

PRAYER ALERT: Please pray for Bill’s daughter Bethany. She recently fell ill with what appears to be a Kidney infection. Please keep Bethany and all of Bill’s family in our prayers so they have the strength to conquer this challenge. I know that they trust in God but it would help if we all keep them in our prayers!

ACTION ALERT: We have sign-up sheets for a few activities. If you are interested in passing out flyers or walking some neighborhoods to talk with people about our class then please let me know. The dates, times and details will be determined by all those who sign up to help! I think you will find that it’s fun and rewarding to get involved.
ACTION ALERT: We are looking for volunteers to help with the overall organization and weekly activities for Carolina Liberty. If you would like to help us out at any level please contact Cliff Muncy (cliff@muncyweb.com).
ACTION ALERT: There is a Winston-Salem Tea Party scheduled for Wednesday, April 15 at the Winston Square Park (N. Marshall St.) from 12 noon – 2PM. It would be great to get as many of you to attend as possible. Wear your Carolina Liberty buttons. Last I knew Bill was nominated to speak at this event! Please visit http://ncteaparty.com for more information.
ACTION ALERT: Ron Paul is scheduled to speak at Wait Chapel on the Wake Forest University campus on Monday, April 20 at 7PM! You can find more information about this event at www.yaliberty.org.
ACTION ALERT: If you have a Carolina Liberty button now is the time to wear it! With UNC winning the National Title, these Carolina Blue buttons will attract a lot of eyes! What a great opportunity for someone to ASK YOU what Carolina Liberty is all about! Need a pin? When you visit us for a meeting and donate at least $1 you can have a pin! Let’s get those pins on!

My notes from the meeting on 4/2/09: Bill read the North Carolina Sovereignty Resolution. Bill mentioned that in his opinion it is very weak compared to that of New Hampshire’s resolution HCR6 Bill contacted a member of the N.C. Legislature to let them know that he is disappointed. We recommend that everyone contact their own state representatives and senators and let them know how you feel about the resolution. You can find contact information for your representatives here: http://www.ncga.state.nc.us/GIS/RandR07/Home.html Bill continued on the “Due Process” discussion. He referenced a document called ” Arrest with and without a warrant”. He also said that “the principles of common law controls arrests”. “The law of the land IS due process of law”. He referenced many cases including 142 NW 595.

Bill also mentioned that a misdemeanor traffic violation is NOT a breach of the peace. Bill read from North Carolina cases: 240 NC 476 and 83 SE 2d 100. He also read from Blackstone’s Commentaries.

FUTURE ALERT: Bill will be getting into what a “breach of peace” and a “felony” are.

March 26, 2009

March 26, 2009
Listen Now! | Watch Video

We had about 22 people and 7 of them were first timers!!  Great job.  Please keep spreading the word.  We need your support so we can spread the truth far and wide.  Special thanks to the Greensboro folks and others who travel far to meet with us.  Please continue to share these emails with everyone you know.

ACTION ALERT: Tyler thanked everyone for participating in our first Prayer Vigil.  We had many volunteers who prayed during the 24 hour session for Liberty, our group, and so on.  Tyler is ready to book the next Prayer Vigil for this month.  If you are interested in helping or have some suggestions please contact Tyler at tbossman215@aol.com.  Tyler also mentioned that he is looking for volunteers who want to help pass out Carolina Liberty fliers, walk the neighborhoods, or other advertising activities.  Please contact Tyler if you are interested in helping out with that as well.

Carolina Liberty is now on YOUTUBE!  Member Jerry was kind enough to video tape Bill at last weeks meeting and post it on YouTube.  He also created a channel just for us.

Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/CarolinaLiberty Please subscribe!!

Cliff also sent me some information on a few other projects going on in NC and throughout our Union.  The first is Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) “Tax Coalition”.  We are in discussions with them to see if we can advertise on their site.  You can view their website here: http://www.taxcoalition.com.  Check it out.

Cliff has also been in contact with someone from the NC Tea Party (http://www.ncteaparty.com).  We may be posting their flier on our website as well.

Lastly, Cliff has exchanged emails with Pam Reynolds from the Piedmont Triad Campaign for Liberty group.  Pam would like to present a new project they are working on called the “912 Project”. We are trying to get her to present this at our next meeting

Tyler also reminded us that last Monday (March 23) was the anniversary for Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty” speech (http://libertyonline.hypermall.com/henry-liberty.html).  Tyler read this speech to us.  Great job!  I hope it animated you to act!

Bill told us that Lt. Col. Sullivan, who has filed a lawsuit in Raleigh about Obama’s birth Certificate may be joining us for a future meeting.  I will let you know when as soon as I have more details.

As you may be aware, there is a bill in NC for claiming State Sovereignty referring to the 10th Amendment of the US.  We have to make sure that this bill has some ‘guts’ in it.  So many states are presenting and/or passing similar bills but not all of them posses the verbiage to actually hold the Fed accountable.  Our state must stop paying them taxes AND must stop taking Fed funds if we are truly serious about our Sovereignty.

Bill mentioned that our legislation (Fed and State) cannot pass laws to abrogate our rights!  In fact, our Constitutions were written for that purpose, to protect the rights of the people.

Bill told us about the YouTube video with Alan Keyes where he chews out Obama.  You can watch that video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqkMfToY9Pk. Great job Alan!

We were also reminded of how in the Declaration of Independence (http://www.ushistory.org/declaration/document/index.htm) one of the accusations against the king is that “he has erected multiple offices . . .”. This holds true today with all our alphabet agencies at the Local, State and Fed levels.  We recommend that everyone read the Declaration on a regular basis.  If Patrick Henry’s speech doesn’t animate you I bet this document will.

We were also reminded that the Sheriff is the only duly constitutional law enforcement.  If you assert your rights it will aggravate most law enforcement agencies.  95% of convictions come from confessions.  If you find yourself being stopped or “arrested” from your life, liberty or pursuit of happiness remember to keep your mouth shut.  EVERYTHING you say WILL be used against you.  Also remember that for them to Arrest you you must have committed a felony or breach of peace (which must be witnessed from the officer) or else they must have a warrant.  If you are stopped or help is that imprisonment or lawful?

Does policy trump law?  You should only be fingerprinted and photographed for felony offenses.  Also remember, there must be a victim.  Common law is the basis for Constitutional Law. No Arrest can be made without due process of law.  An Arrest without warrant (beside felonies and breach of peace) have never been lawful.

Other links:
A Treatise on Arrest and False Imprisonment
Cook vs. Hastings 

Please feel free to share this email with all your family & friends.  Please try to bring a friend to the next meeting that you attend.  As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Arrest & False Imprisonment, Police Power

March 19, 2009
Listen Now!

Topics of Discussion: Arrest & False Imprisonment, Police Power

Officers today have granted themselves a 30 minute investigatory stop, and they do not classify it as an arrest. However, any time you are stopped, you have been arrested. Each law related to police power must ask three questions: 1) Is there threatened danger? 2) Does the regulation involve a Constitutional right? 3) Is this regulation reasonable? (see “Treatise on Arrest and False Imprisonment” | Alternate link).

The above states, “A revolution in England and the revolution of the American colonies are said by high authorities to have been largely influenced by promiscuous seizures and searches of persons and property.” Our founders experienced promiscuous seizures and searches as one of the biggest problems of their time, and so they put this in the Constitution as something that would prohibit the government from being unlawfully involved with our personal lives and property.

The 1952 Iowa case Sergeant v. Watson Bros. Transp, Co. states, “Where two people are traveling in a car and stopped by police, and the party not driving is put in the police car and told to wait, the officer doing so is guilty of false imprisonment. Even though the person was in the police car for less than a minute, it was an arrest, as the officer had no authority for confining him in the car. Even where police officers stop a moving vehicle for a brief detention, it is sufficient to constitute an arrest. 20 Where one is told to stay in their car by an officer, though it be for only ten seconds, it is an arrest. Time duration is not a factor in making an arrest.” -

The two requirements for false imprisonment: 1) Detention or restraint against one’s will and 2) The unlawfulness of such detention or restraint.

In “Treatise on the Law of Torts,” Judge Cooley states “False imprisonment is a wrong akin to the wrongs of assault and battery, and consists in imposing, by force or threats, an unlawful restraint upon a man’s freedom of locomotion.

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